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The Tata Nexon is an emerging sensation in the country of India

The price of Tata Nexon starts at Rs. 7.80 Lakh and goes upto Rs. 14.50 Lakh. Tata Nexon is offered in 65 variants - the base model of Nexon is XE and the top variant Tata Nexon XZA Plus LUXS Red Dark Diesel AMT which comes at a price tag of Rs. 14.50 Lakh.


In other words, the Tata Nexon is a rare vehicle not produced by the Maruti Suzuki conglomerate that reached four lakh units sold in five years, first displayed in prototype form at the 2014 Auto Expo before going into full production in 2017. Tata Motors had acquired Land Rover and Jaguar, leveraging their attention to design, quality, and detail, to produce the Tata Nexon and introduce it to the Indian automotive market. The strategy proved to be a masterstroke and a breath of fresh air capturing the hearts and minds of the public. The Tata Nexon entered a segment that was extremely competitive and overcrowded, yet managed to become a bestseller. Despite the scare last year about the pandemic, its sales figures rose annually, appearing as though it were merely a small blip on the radar.

Nexon’s Safety Shield

Tata realized it was going to be tough to go toe to toe with Maruti when it came to pricing. So the question was, how would they ever compete with this massive, indestructible monster holding a firm grip on the Indian market? The people at Tata changed the rules of the game by making safety a priority. As the first Indian vehicle to receive a full five-star rating in the GNCAP tests, the Tata Nexon set a new benchmark for the Indian automotive industry. Suddenly, as fuel efficiency and price were before, the emergence of safety standards led to a question in the minds of the Indian public. After safety standards, a new buzzword became all the rage, Tata became ahead of its competitors, the Nexon boosting its sales and becoming one of the best-selling vehicles in the country.

Tailored to your Needs

With the Tata Nexon, you can get quick acceleration in a petrol vehicle. In case you need more power, the Tata Nexon is also a diesel car. A Nexon electric car could be just what you need if you’re a proponent of the Green movement. Tata will also offer a CNG version of its cars. There is also a sunroof option on the Tata Nexon if you are into the new trend for sunroofs. There are over 51 variants offered by Tata, including petrol, diesel, and electric models, each with manual and automatic transmission options. Tata Nexon starts at under 8 lakhs and goes up to 19 lakhs depending on your choice and preference of variants. The Indian consumer loves choice, and Tata Nexon provides plenty of it. According to their sales figures, they have something for everyone.

Nexon’s Uniquely Muscular Exterior Design

The Nexon is a big, muscular car with aggressive styling and an in-your-face design that appeals to many different types of people. A big element of the Nexon’s identity is the Nexon’s powerful presence on the road, with its broad wheel arches, rugged, squished appearance, and a bulging hood. Tata has incorporated their new Impact 2.0 design language in the Tata Nexon to make it seem young and hip, and easy for the target market to identify with. When you take a look from the rear, the silhouette of the car looks a lot like that of the Range Rover Evoque. The familiar grille up front, the look-alike faux skidplate in the middle, and the glossy bumpers lend to the overall attractiveness of the vehicle with the arched things running across the lower intake in an appealing touch. There’s good attention to detail on the back with its LED lights on the rear C-pillars, faux vents on the rear bumper, and the chrome Nexon lettering.

Upmarket Interiors

It is safe to say that the quality of the trim in the three-tone color cabin is a couple of price points higher than the segment the Nexon is in. There is a nice touch of tri-arrow detailing on the seats which adds to the appeal of the new fabric upholstery. With its tri-arrow design insert, the dashboard combines luxury and practicality, while the central console has tactile feedback and dampened buttons. Adding sportiness and glamour to the interior is the flat-bottom steering wheel. The textured surfaces in the cabin are pleasing to the touch. In our hot summers, the Xpress cool feature of the AC is a real boon.

Performance to leave you smiling

Tata allied with an Austrian company called EVL to create petrol and diesel engines. The end result is there is a 1.2L Revotron petrol (with a maximum of 110 PS and 170 Nm of torque) and a 1.5L Revotron diesel (with a maximum of 110 PS and 260 Nm of torque) available with either manual or automatic transmissions. The engines are easy to use and perfect for daily needs. These sedans deliver just the right amount of miles. While the engines don’t always achieve class-leading success, there’s no doubt they put on a good show. Three different drive modes are available with the City being perfect for urban areas and the Sports providing quick and responsive handling while the Eco aids in getting excellent fuel economy.

Electric toys provide more than enough power on demand and provide enough range to make the customer forget about range anxiety. Even flooded areas aren’t a problem with an electric drive. There are no problems with handling the Nexon, as the suspension is well-damped and handles potholes with ease. Cornering and holding straight lines are excellent with the Nexon.

Why India loves the Nexon Summary

Tata has introduced a car that gets high marks in the minds of most car buyers. It is reliable, affordable and meets high-quality standards. The fact that they come in so many different flavors ensures that you will find the one to your taste. The constant, emotive part of the average Indian is his family. Tata Motors has created the new motto Safety First, meaning that, now, you can purchase a car that accommodates the four things that are most important to you: safety, design, performance, and quality. For this reason, India loves the Tata Nexon.

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